Ryan Sica

ryanSicaRyan Sica, CrossFit Krypton

Ever since high school, I knew I wanted to be a physician. What I didn’t know was that CrossFit would have such a great impact on the journey. We all know that CrossFit is a fitness program that entails performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity, and that it possesses physical health benefits. However, CrossFit, and being involved with a gym like CrossFit Krypton, provides so much more than that. 

Ryan SicaCrossFit has taught me so many things other than physical fitness, such as: dedication, work ethic, confidence and mental fortitude. Every single one of those values is imperative to be successful in any task life throws your way, and to be the best person possible. What exacerbates these positive effects is being involved in a community, or a family, like CrossFit Krypton. I can safely say that there is no better community than the one at CrossFit Krypton. The best way to reach your goals, inside or outside the gym, is surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  On a daily basis in the gym, each person is invested in each other’s success. Once a member finishes the workout, he/she will cheer on the rest of the class, until the last person finishes. Why do we do that? It is because we have the capacity to improve others through intangible channels. This has a direct correlation to medicine, just like the patient-physician relationship. These connections solidify my belief that I have the capacity to improve someone else, that other people have the ability to improve me, and the combination creates the ideal team. Through this belief is what makes a good physician into a great physician.

CrossFit is applicable to every single task and career path you may encounter, not just medicine. I firmly believe that I would not be the person I am today inside the classroom without being involved in CrossFit and CrossFit Krypton. The journey to achieve your goals is just like one long chipper—you move through each goal, one at a time.