Jada Smack

jadaJada Smack, CrossFit Unlocked

CrossFit was a source of community and motivation for me during high school. As an athlete I had never thought much about my health or wellness because I assumed playing sports would cover all of that. Starting CrossFit taught me how to challenge myself again and I found a new sense of determination that helped me tremendously. During my senior year of high school I tore my ACL during a basketball game and I was completely crushed with the idea I might not play a basketball game ever again. With the support from my fellow CrossFitters (idk what to call y'all) I was able to find the strength to condition my body and become stronger than I ever have been. Now I am a rising sophomore in college and will be playing on the women's basketball team at my school for the next three years. Thanks to the support I received from CrossFit I do not have to give up the sport I love and I have found a love for taking care of my body.