Our Story

We, the CrossFit Krypton and CrossFit Unlocked families, share a similar passion -- to improve the lives of youth through the sport of fitness.  Our own sons, Ben, Alec, and Dane and Lane and Trace respectively, have all been involved in fitness and members of  CrossFit from a young age.  Their character has not only been shaped through the relationships they have built with other members, but through the will and determination to better themselves through fitness.  We want to share not only our passion for the sport, but to show our dedication to the affiliates that help make their youth better athletes and better members of their community.


The Smith's Story (CrossFit Krypton)

The military relocated our family often, and each move meant a new beginning both in school and sports. There was no resting on past achievements. One thing that remained constant was our family training. Pull up ladders and "deck-of-cards" push ups were staples in the Smith's garage. In 2008 Ben made it a goal to win the CrossFit Games. His perseverance and unending support earned him a mechanical engineering degree along with three podium finishes at the CrossFit Games.  His brothers Alec and Dane, are following in his footsteps and currently use CrossFit as their way of life. They are pushed every day in our family gym, CrossFit Krypton and benefit from the community and family support. Lessons learned from training and competing have been transferable to their pursuits of education and community involvement. CrossFitters encourage and motivate, succeed and fail, but never give up. Crossfit is a lifestyle that promotes constant improvement of yourself and community - It has been a welcome addition to our family!



The Deleon's Story (CrossFit Unlocked)


Lane and Trace were both encouraged to start CrossFit at very young ages with the hope that being in better shape could help them in their high school athletics.  Little did we know how much more they would gain from it.  The relationships that they formed with others, the motivation they received, the self-confidence they built, and the will to persevere they obtained were far more beneficial than the physical strengths they gained.  We can personally say CrossFit molded them into the young men they are today.  Now, as trainers themselves, they are able to use the attributes they achieved to change the lives of others.  Lane still plays college baseball, and Trace is a full-time trainer at CrossFit Unlocked and college student as well.  They are a positive product of CrossFit, and will carry this strong sense of community throughout their lives.