Karen Rodriguez

IMG_2029Karen Rodriguez, CrossFit Unlocked

I've overcome many obstacles in my life, but to be where I am now is a huge accomplishment. Never in Middle school or Highschool would I have thought I'd be where I am now--traveling the world. This would have never happened if I had not stepped into CrossFit Unlocked in November of 2013. In highschool, I was all about mental readiness, but I neglected my physical health. All throughout highschool I was "morbidly obese."  I'm 69inches and WAS weighing 285lbs. I physically hated myself and felt second to trash. It was terrible and not to mention unhealthy, and I had a serious sleep Apia condition due to my obesity. Even more than that it, made me feel less of a person and completely demolished my self esteem. When I started CrossFit I was "dying" and in pain, but I grew to love it and embrace "the suck". Burpees, thrusters, bastards, wall balls, those are "the suck". But never do I regret it because with that came empowerment. PR's, strength, muscle, and over all great health. I lost 120lbs in CrossfFt and gained a second chance. My coaches and my peers -- they were my rocks through this.  It was hard but worth it. Those last seconds where I wanted to give up  was when I had people empowering me to finish  -- that is love in my box. I could not have done it without them and it all started with a simple conversation with Mrs. Kelly about my health. Health is the over all key to success and life. I am a strong healthy female in the Worlds greatest Navy, and I wouldn't be here without my Box, Crossfit Unlocked.